#runwithsteve – 1,000 Miles For 1,000 Days

Steve Jones: wow. You have amazed and inspired a lot of people in the last 2-1/2 + years. For 1,000 days, you have run at least one mile. That’s amazing. It really is. Few people have that kind of dedication to anything.

The One And Only

I hope everyone that you have influenced, even those that haven’t met you, were able to run/jog/bike/unicycle/swim to support you today.

If you’re one of those people, please take the survey and record your miles here! Have any messages for Steve? Leave them here as comments, or tweet @way0utwest with the hashtag #runwithsteve!

*****Poll closed as of June 9, 2011 11:30 AM*****

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14 responses to “#runwithsteve – 1,000 Miles For 1,000 Days

  1. Very Cool, hard to do anything for such a long period of time. So who does Steve J “Iron Man” remind me of. Here are few great streaks in sports that come to mind. What other great streaks are out that that Steve makes you think of?

    Brett Favre 297 consecutive starts
    Cal Ripken 2,131 consecutive starts

  2. James Luetkesonething

    I’m on a whopping day 2…a mile is all I’ll make in my condition

  3. I’m in for 2 miles. Too hot out there, Steve should have picked a cooler day for #1000. :)

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  5. Just added my 3 miles. Well done Steve.

  6. If I hadn’t stopped for lunch with the wife, I’d have an even 40 miles for you. Instead, I dedicate my 33 mile bike ride (and a delicious plate of humous shawarma) to you Mr. Jones

  7. I made it to 5 miles before the weather turned bad and I had to call off the last mile or so…great achievement Steve. Congrats on the milestone.

  8. Hey Steve,

    Way to go, I was out on vacation but the wife and I walked well over a mile today, so here is to you my friend.

  9. I did 3.2 miles earlier despite the lack of sleep and feeling crummy. I admire your commitment and you have been an inspiration, Steve! Oh – and you too, Jes! :)

  10. I Made it 10, my wife made it 4.5-> both logged

    Congrats Steve on 1000 days!

    and thanks again Jes for taking this idea and “running” with it

  11. Congrats to Steve, and thanks to Jen for organizing this.

    I did 3.75 miles after work.

  12. Congratulations, Steve! I got in 10 miles for you before it got too late last night.

  13. Egads, I did it again. Sorry, Jes. I keep auto-typing Jen instead :(

  14. Dustin Mueller

    Considering the shape I’m in, I was lucky to get 1 mile in. But I did it!

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