We Did It! We Ran With Steve! #runwithsteve

June 8, 2011: Steve Jones (blog | twitter) ran for the 1,000th day straight.

That is amazing, inspiring, and hardcore.

Here’s his “I did it” post: http://amileaday.blogspot.com/2011/06/day-1000.html. And then there’s my favorite, his recap of the 1,ooo days: http://amileaday.blogspot.com/2011/06/looking-back-at-1000-days.html.

I challenged all the runners, walkers, bikers, swimmers and, well, everyone I know to run with Steve on June 8. My goal was to get people to log 1,000 miles for 1,000 days. Personally, I was able to log 6 miles – 4 miles at 5:30 AM, when it was already 80° and humid, and 2 at 8:30 PM, right after a thunderstorm, with lightning all around and the roads steaming.

I am not at all disappointed to say 90 people recorded 454 miles. That’s awesome! Thank you to everyone that supported Steve. I know it meant a lot to him.

Steve works for a really cool company, Red Gate Software. On Wednesday, they posted this message for him:

In addition, the big surprise for Steve was that for every mile we recorded, Red Gate will donate $1 to a charity of Steve’s choice! Thanks, Red Gate! Steve chose Habitat for Humanity.

With that, I have one final challenge, from Karen Lopez (twitter) and Rob Drysdale (twitter): through Twitter, they agreed to donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity for each mile they ran, and encouraged all of us to do the same. You can donate here!

Again: Steve, you’re awesome. Thanks for sharing this huge milestone with all of us. Everyone that ran, walked, biked, swam or, heck, unicycled: thank you for celebrating with Steve in a really fun way. I love both my SQL community and my running community. I think both are made of a caring, motivated, wonderful people. Thanks for making my day, and Steve’s.

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4 responses to “We Did It! We Ran With Steve! #runwithsteve

  1. Great job in setting this up, Jes. We donated for each kilometer we ran, but still encourage others to donate for their distance.

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  3. Thanks for setting this up, Jes. It was quite a surprise and very touching.

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