Slow Cooker Coffee Pot Roast

I saw this in a slow cooker cookbook I’ve had for years. How have I not made this until now? Coffee and beef…two of my favorites! I adapted it slightly. This is delicious. D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. If you have the time to make mashed potatoes to go with it (I didn’t), do so, because this makes some awesome gravy.


1 large onion, sliced into rings

2 cloves of garlic, smashed

3-1/2 to 4 pound beef chuck roast

1 cup brewed coffee

1/4 cup soy sauce

For gravy:

1/4 cup cornstarch

6 tablespoons cold water


Pull out the slow cooker. Lay half the onion slices on the bottom. Throw in the garlic. Lay the pot roast on top of that. Put the rest of the onion around the sides and top. Mix coffee and soy sauce; pour over pot roast. Cook on low 8-10 hours.

Take the pot roast and onion out and put them on a plate. Skim the junk out of the juices; pour the juice into a small saucepan. Put it over medium heat; whisk in the cornstarch and water. Whisk until thick, 3-5 minutes. Serve.

That’s it. Your house is going to smell amazing, the pot roast will fall apart, and you’ll want to drink the gravy out of the bowl. Or maybe that was just me.

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2 responses to “Slow Cooker Coffee Pot Roast

  1. Not only does your endorsement make it sound tasty, it looks stupid simple too! Alright, I’ll try it. I gotta go thaw out a roast now. Later!

    • I made this last weekend and it was super easy! Plus, my kids who were leery of trying it because they saw me put coffee tried it and everyone loved it! Well, except the dog. He had to be in the house all day smelling it cook and then he didn’t get eat any of it. Usually one of the kids sneaks him stuff under the table, but they ate the whole thing this time.

      And yes, the house smelled awesome, the pot roast just fell to pieces and there was a fight for control of the gravy bowl. Thanks for sharing the recipe, this one’s a keeper!

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